Hello world, would you like to join us?

We’re looking for super-smart people to join the tech team at Octopus Energy. We’re in the process of designing and building our initial infrastructure. There are many difficult design problems to solve; we need creative, analytical minds who can help tame this notoriously tricky domain.

To start with, our main technologies will be:

  • AWS - using the excellent Hashicorp toolset (Vagrant, Packer, Consul and Terraform);
  • Python - especially Django and Django-REST-Framework. We’re also looking to employ Python’s data processing libraries such as numpy and pandas (although this is still up for debate);
  • Postgres and DynamoDB;
  • Memcached and Redis;
  • React and related modules from the Javascript ecosystem - our consumer-facing user interfaces are going to be super slick;
  • Node, npm, webpack, babel, gulp etc.;
  • Puppet - for config management.

Our current priorities lie with server-side work so we’re keen to speak to Pythonistas, developer data scientists or anyone with a love of automation and data processing.

But we’re always interested in talking to smart, motivated people with an interest in green tech - we’d love to hear from anyone with experience in the above.

Could this be you?

We hope so. Ideally, you’ll have experience in one or more of the following:

  • Strong Python, especially Django and building for the web;
  • Knowledge of data processing (eg luigi, pandas, numpy - doesn’t have to be Python though);
  • Building slick user interfaces with React;
  • Knowledge of the modern Javascript ecosystem and asset build pipelines (eg webpack, mocha, gulp);
  • Non-trivial experience with AWS;
  • Experience working with 3rd party APIs, eg XML webservices, REST APIs, FTP filedrops, that kind of thing.

This is a great opportunity to be an early employee at a revolutionary company. Working at Octopus Energy offers the unique combination of solving difficult technical problems with modern technology as well as working on something that will genuinely make the world a better place (that is, helping transition the UK to a lower carbon future).

Lots of experience isn’t strictly necessary to join. We’re interested in graduates as well as developers with experience in the above technologies or the UK energy market.

If this sounds interesting, tell us about yourself via talent@octoenergy.com.

PS - Right now, we’re not considering 100% remote candidates. At this early stage, there’s enormous value in high-bandwidth person-to-person communication that you can only get by working in the same space. This may change later on of course.

Posted by David Winterbottom Head of Software Engineering on Nov 23, 2015